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18 Reasons you should be sending Churu Vet home with patients

  1. You know how hard medicating cats can be. Show your pet owners some mercy by dispensing Churu Vet and sending it home with every prescription.

    • Hide pills inside the tube

    • Grind pills up and mix with the puree

    • Mask the taste of liquid medication by mixing it with Churu Vet

    • Sprinkle the medication on a dollop of Churu Vet and serve with your finest chinaware


  2. Did someone say “Chill Pill?” Help reduce exam fear and anxiety by sending medication and Churu Vet to pet owners prior to the exam. 

    • Churu Vet makes it easy to deliver the meds that will calm your patients prior to their visits

  3. Do you struggle to get cats to eat or drink after surgery? Churu Vet can help entice your feline buddy to want to get back to eating their normal diet after surgery.

  4. Same goes for dental procedures and tooth extractions.

    • The liquid puree goes down smoothly without chewing, and the pungent flavor entices cats who just want to sleep it off. 

  5. If your feline patients seem like they could benefit from more water, send pet owners home with a jar to get an easy month’s supply of extra daily hydration. 

    • This is also a great idea if the pet owner mentions they’ve noticed less water intake! 


  6. Have you resorted to subcutaneous fluids at home? Send enough tubes of Churu Vet home to distract the cat every time the pet owner injects the fluids.

  7. Senior or sick cats can always use more hydration and calories. Sending Churu Vet home can help enhance their quality of life.

    • Plus, the liquid puree is easy to swallow when cats don’t feel like using their energy to chew.

  8. When suggesting a new diet, send Churu Vet home to help with the transition.

    • Top dressing food helps create a more positive experience for both pet and pet owner.

  9. If you have a cat that’s suffering from inappetence for any of the following reasons, send Churu Vet home for extra calories and to motivate appetite:

    • New diet

    • Systemic disease

    • It’s Thursday

    • Infection or inflammation

    • Environmental changes

    • Chronic pain

    • New brand of kitty litter

    • Aversion to food

    • End-of-life care

    • A new neighbor moved in 3 houses down

    • And more


  10. Have you ever caused temporary inappetence by simply doing a dental exam? The potent flavor of the liquid puree makes it a hit with cats that have irritated gums.

  11. If you have a feline patient that could benefit from weight gain, send a jar home to boost calories with regular meals. 

    • Each tube is an extra 12kcals 

    • Top dress food to encourage increase calories during meals

  12. Distracting cats works well during the exam and in the treatment room, and it can work just as well at home.

    • Grooming distraction

    • Distract diabetic cats while giving insulin shots at home

    • Take the fear out of new experiences and locations


  13. Expecting guests during the holidays? Dating someone new? Pet sitter coming to the house? Pet owners can stock up beforehand and use Churu Vet as a reward to encourage socialization.

  14. Even if feline patients just need a  “cattitude” adjustment, send Churu Vet home. It’s an all-natural protein and hydration source they’ll be sure to purr about!

  15. Encourage pet owners to bring home Churu Vet if only to strengthen the human-animal bond between their cats and them.

  16. Whether pet owners want to do pet carrier training or follow the cat circus dreams they always had, Churu Vet is a great reward during behavior training. 


  17. If you have a boarding facility, we recommend including tubes as part of the boarding fee to increase socialization and reduce anxiety.

  18. Churu Vet is also great to use with other animals. Whether it’s dogs, ferrets or hedgehogs, Churu Vet is an all-natural solution to inappetence, distraction, recovery, hydration and more.

And here are a few tips to make the send home easier:

  • Add Churu Vet to your home delivery portal

  • Place a jar on the front counter to sell by the tube or by the jar

  • Use a tube during exams to reduce anxiety as a part of every feline exam and send a handful of tubes home after the visit. Add the cost into your feline exam fee.

  • Dispense tubes when prescribing medication 

  • Add as a line itemization on invoice

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